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Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content


What’s on Tap

Natural  |  Pineapple Ginger  |  Hopped Raspberry  |  Spicy Mango  |  Haskap (Alaska Berries)  |  Fall Spiced Apple (Seasonal)

We are always experimenting with new flavors made from local ingredients so, stop in!

Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content


What is Kombucha made of? 

 Kombucha is made of a blend of loose leaf teas and organic sugar. When making kombucha you brew a strong batch of sweet tea and add your Scoby and starter Liquid from a previous batch and then you let that sit and ferment for about two weeks.

Is it healthy? 

Kombucha is healthier however ask your healthcare provider if it is right for you. It’s a great alternative and replacement for soda and other energy sports drinks.

Does it work with a Keto diet? 

Kombucha and Keto is up to your discretion. I would recommend our natural flavor due to the lower sugar content because there is zero added flavoring/fruits etc. Between 6-8 grams per 8 oz.


Is there alcohol in it? 

Kombucha contains less than a half a percent of alcohol. It is considered a non-alcoholic beverage.

Should I have kombucha on a candida diet?

Also ask your health care profession. Depending on the guidelines of your diet they may or may not recommend kombucha due to the sweetness and may or may not recommend fermented foods

How long will a growler last in my fridge? 

A growler of kombucha will last a long time in your refrigerator. Because it is a fermented drink it’s not going to go bad. Being in the refrigerator stops or slows the fermentation process. The kombucha in the growler will start to lose its carbonation after three or four days, but it will not go bad.


We are husband and wife team Brian and Devon Gonzalez, along with our son Bodhi. This whole kombucha journey started just before I had Bodhi. I was having bad heartburn while I was pregnant and someone introduced me to Kombucha. I started with one scoby in my kitchen and my love for it grew as soon as I started experimenting with different flavors in the second fermentation process. Brian was always a bit weirded out about that crazy jellyfish (he called it) I had living on our counter.  We decided to make some lifestyle changes to be a healthier family- one of the biggest changes we made was to quit drinking alcohol. Kombucha made it easy for us to have something in our hands during social events or for example at the local breweries. We enjoyed the taste of IPA’s, so when Brian found out I could make a yummy kombucha that tasted like a fruity IPA he was hooked. Since then friends have encouraged us to sell our Kombucha and that is how Kenai Kombucha was born!  Thank you all for the support so far! We are so excited to serve you our delicious 'booch!

Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content


Located in the strip mall behind Wells Fargo and Chevron in Kenai 

610 Attla Way, Ste 4, Kenai, Alaska 99611

Winter Hours 

Tuesday-Thursday 11-4 pm

Friday 4-7 pm

Saturday 12-3 pm

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Our brew can be found in these local eateries:

Kenai River Brewery

Addie Camp

St. Elias

The Flats

True Blue Coffee (Both Locations)

Everything Bagels

Lucy's Market

Cooper Landing Brewing


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