Our Drinks are alive!

Kenai Kombucha

is bubbling with millions of

healthy, gut-loving cultures.

We use a blend of organic black, green, and white teas, organic sugar, and real fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

That's right - no artificial flavors here! 

We also believe in supporting our community by sourcing local ingredients whenever possible.

Unlike some of the large kombucha distributors, our kombucha is unpasteurized and raw,

keeping the probiotic nature of our drinks strong.


Kombucha is created by harnessing the power of a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast;

which provides your gut with living probiotics.



Kombucha is fermented tea packed with powerful antioxidants, helping protect your body from harmful free radicals.



Trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.5%) created as a by-product of fermentation act as a natural preservative,

so no artificial preservatives touch our kombucha.

Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content


Some flavors are staples; others are on rotation.

Check out our “What’s On Tap Now” list below for the most up to date flavors.

kenai kombucha

features small-batch, handcrafted



The traditional; smooth and refreshing. This was our first kombucha we ever made. We needed product for an event and didn’t have time for the second ferment to flavor, so off to the first market with this "plain" kombucha. We had no clue what to call it. People would ask what flavor is it? That’s when we decided it was just a "natural flavor" and that is where the "Natural" was born.


Pineapple Ginger 

Sweet and tangy with a spicy bite. This was our second flavor. Pineapple Ginger is the perfect treat for the summer time, it’s like sunshine in a glass. Great for soothing stomach discomfort and extremely tasty mixed with Spicy Mango for a sweet and spicy twist.


HOPPED raspberry

Rich raspberry layered on floral hops. Hopped Raspberry was our spin on one of our favorite beers. This is the flavor that convinced Brian that he actually loved kombucha. Lovely combination balancing out the sweetness of the berry. The perfect beer replacement! Made with Michigan Hops from Hop Craft Supply Company and sweet raspberries.


sPicy mango

Mango, cayenne, and habanero. First, it’s sweet and refreshing; then the spice hits you in the back of the throat, and then it’s gone! We assure you it won’t melt your face off. An inspiring combo with the sweetness of mango, the heat of cayenne, and the wonderful pepper flavor of habanero.



Alaska Berries Haskap berries (also known as a honeyberry) are similar to blueberries but bigger and juicer with 3x the amount of antioxidants. This kombucha is our sweetest, we call this the beginner's ‘booch. Everyone loves it, kids and newbies especially! Haskaps locally grown in Soldotna by Alaska Berries.


fall sPiced apple

Fresh, crisp apples, clove, cinnamon, star anise, and orange peel. This is a refreshing, cozy, bubbly fall version of a hot apple cider. As a seasonal flavor make sure to get it while it’s available.


blueberry basil

Juicy blueberries and fresh, fragrant basil. This flavor is the complete refreshment package. Sweetness from blueberries and savory basil depth; it makes you feel like spring time when everything is coming alive again. A seasonal flavor, so stop in while it’s available! Basil locally grown in Soldotna by Fresh 365



Tart and tangy elderberries, cinnamon, ginger and clove. This tastes like your favorite elderberry syrup. Elderberries are used to boost our immune systems during cold and flu season and why not do that with this harmonious blend of tart elderberries and warm spices. Another seasonal flavor, get it while it lasts. Organic elderberries from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content

What's on tap NOW:


Pineapple Ginger

Spicy Mango

hopped raspberry



CBD booch 

Our menu is always evolving as we try to capture seasonal flavors and listen to flavor suggestions that spark our creativity.


Stop in to try some of our new flavor experiments made with local ingredients,

Or give us a call/text at 907-741-2825 to place your order for pick up.



kenai kombucha

loves our wonderful customers

here's what they have to say . . .

Kenai Kombucha makes DELICIOUS booch! Their natural original flavor is light and sweet,

and each flavor combo they do is unique and equally delicious tasting. Highly, highly recommended!

Go in for a tasting and grab a growler, or sit down with a friend and share a flight.

-Delissa O.


Best place in town!

Great owners, great product, great environment, great place for Wi-Fi and relaxation or a meeting place with friends.

-Steve L.


Devon served a wedding at our venue last week and did an amazing job. Excellent product and excellent service.

They have a great tap trailer, a clean presentation, and were a joy to work with. We highly recommend their mobile services

if you are hosting an event and want the best local drinks on tap, cold, and ready to serve.

-Stephanie J


Great kombucha at the cutest taproom! Their seasonal flavors are always a treat!

-Ann D.


I have loved their booch since they've opened! It's some of the smoothest and flavorful I've had!

Definitely prefer theirs over store bought any day! Plus, they're super nice humans! Oh, and my daughter loves it too!

-Nicole O.


So glad we have a locally owned and operated kombucha room!  It is a delightful environment

and their flavor palette is varied and delicious.  The growlers are a heck of a deal and hold well in your refrigerator.

-Ahr K.


Love Kenai Kombucha!! It's by far the best Kombucha I've ever had.

The owners are kind and the new lounge they have is really nice, clean and trendy.

-Nicole Y.


From the moment I walked in I instantly felt welcomed! It has a very inviting and warm atmosphere.

They had four kombucha flavors on tap. Hopped raspberry was the best kombucha I have ever had!! I got chatting

with the owner and he told me how they started out and it was the cutest story and you can tell they take so much pride in their business. He is also a veteran which is awesome because my husband and myself currently serve so supporting another

service member is very dear to our heart!! Overall, I highly suggest visiting this establishment you will see

how much pride they take in their work. Which these days is hard to come by! They truly care about their customers!

-Jennifer S.


Their Kombucha is so much better than what you would buy at the store! They are always coming up with new flavors.

My daughter loves it too! Highly recommend Kenai Kombucha.

-Kira N.

Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content


Where does Kombucha come from?

Kombucha was documented as early as 221 BC in China and Japan.

For over 2000 years this bubbly fermented tea has been considered a health elixir

and is used in Chinese medicine to fight disease and aging.


What is Kombucha made of?

 Our kombucha is made of a blend of organic loose-leaf teas and organic sugar. When making kombucha you brew a strong batch of sweet tea and add your

SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and starter liquid from a previous batch

and then you let that sit and ferment for about two weeks.

Is it healthy?

Kombucha is a great alternative and replacement for soda and other energy sports drinks.

Be sure ask your healthcare provider if it is right for you and your specific dietary needs.

Does it work with a Keto diet? 

Kombucha and Keto is up to your discretion. We would recommend our Natural flavor.

Since it has no fruits added for flavoring, it has a lower sugar content naturally and typically contains between 6-8 grams of fermented sugar per 8oz. serving.


Why is sugar used to make it?

Sugar is used in the initial fermentation, because the cultures in kombucha convert it to beneficial enzymes and acid (probiotics). Many companies take shortcuts and use fruit juices or concentrates (some even add extra sugar) to flavor their kombucha, this results in higher sugar content. We don’t believe in shortcuts, we use whole fruits, veggies, and herbs.


Is there alcohol in it? 

Kombucha contains less than a half a percent of alcohol.

It is considered a non-alcoholic beverage.


Is there caffeine in it? 

While we use caffeinated black, green, and white tea to brew our kombucha.  However,  the caffeine content is reduced by the fermentation process, so only about 2-15mg

of caffeine is present in each finished 8oz. serving.


Should I have kombucha on a candida diet?

Also ask your health care professional. Depending on the guidelines of your diet,

they may or may not recommend kombucha due to the sweetness and may or may not recommend fermented foods in general.

How long will a growler last in my fridge? 

A growler of kombucha will last a long time in your refrigerator. Because kombucha is a fermented drink it’s not going to go bad. Being in the refrigerator stops or slows the fermentation process. The kombucha in the growler will start to lose its carbonation

after three or four days, but it will not go bad.


Do you drink kombucha regularly?

Our whole family enjoys kombucha every day! 

A deliciously bubbly beverage that supports our immune systems?! Sign us up!

Building Our Business, Growing Our Family, One Sip At A Time
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content
Kenai Kombucha - Shoots Creative Content

We are Brian and Devon Gonzalez, a husband-and-wife team in raising our son Bodhi, and in bringing you Kenai Kombucha, the best kombucha around. We make our Kombucha with organic teas and sugar and organic fruits when possible; nothing artificial, no preservatives. Simple all-natural goodness. No compromises!


Our kombucha journey started when I was pregnant and having unrelenting heartburn. Someone introduced me to kombucha and I was hooked by the relief that I got. I started brewing my own kombucha and experimenting with flavors. While Brian was always a bit weirded out by, as he called it, “that crazy jellyfish”, he came around when I crafted his favorite flavor.


When we decided to make some lifestyle changes to be a healthier family, we quit drinking alcohol. Kombucha made it easy to have something in our hands at social events. We enjoyed the taste of IPA’s, so when Brian found out I could make a yummy kombucha that tasted like a fruity IPA he was hooked (check out our Hopped Raspberry flavor!).


Friends encouraged us to sell the kombucha we were putting so much love into and that is how Kenai Kombucha was born! 


Thank you all for your amazing support! We are excited to continue to serve our community with our delicious 'booch!



Located in the strip mall behind Wells Fargo and Chevron in Kenai 

610 Attla Way, Ste 4, Kenai, Alaska 99611




Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

Please leave us a review 

Our brew can be found in these local eateries:

Kenai River Brewery

Addie Camp

St. Elias

The Flats

True Blue Coffee (both locations)

Everything Bagels

Lucy's Market

Cooper Landing Brewing

Senor Panchos 

Kingfisher Roadhouse

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