Corona Virus 2020

Hello Friends,

To those of you who may read this might be wondering what is going on through our heads as a small business owner.

We are coming up on 1 year in business and are so grateful for all of the support we have received from the community. Never in a million years did we think we would be where we are today with our business. In the past year we went from thinking this could be a small side business I (Devon) could manage being a stay at home mom. Things quickly changed. Brian had to not only work his 40 hour a week job but step in and do this full time with me. With the Wednesday markets being a huge success and businesses reaching out all the time to ask if they could carry our product, we BLEW up quick!

Most of you should know that in October we opened up our tap room next to our brewery where we make the kombucha, So far its been good. We managed to make it though the winter (which I didn't mentally or financially prepare for) who knew owning a small business in Alaska during the winter things would get slower.

Things finally started to pick back up with the sunshine and the longer days ahead. People were getting out more and every day we had a handful of new people coming into our business. I was feeling optimistic that we in fact made the right decision to put all of our eggs in one basket and focus on this crazy business of ours. This business has given us more time as a family to learn and grow together in so many different ways.

Until this Corona Virus came along. We were starting to hear about it but it wasn't in our country let alone in our state. The seriousness of it all was not setting in until about the week of March 19th 2020 when we decided to close the doors.

As most of us sit in quarantine now watching the numbers increase around us with this virus, we start to worry more and more. The economy is going to be decimated by this virus. Being a small business owner we are VERY STRESSED during this time. Wondering when this will blow over, what things will be like after this passes.

I am reaching out to you all in hopes to keep the small business community alive and kicking. When you can shop local. It might cost you a few more dollars but look deeper and understand the cost of running a small business versus being a big corporation.

This website is going to be something I spend more time on and improving. Keeping all of you up to date.

Yesterday I started to update our products. I would love for you to take advantage of an online ordering system. Shop just like you would on any of your online stores. Order what you would like and we will plan to be at our shop at a certain day and time for pick ups. We plan to have your orders ready to go and set them outside. The doors will be closed, there will be no refills with containers you may have, there will be zero samples and buy backs of our glass wear at this time. Due to the virus living on everything. Limiting contact will be best.

HOW TO ORDER!! go to

Shop>pick your products, including sizes

When checking out there will be a section that says note, here is where I would like you to specify which flavors you would like if you have decided to order our party bottles and would like to mix and match with flavors. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER

check out> pay via paypal or with your credit card information or venmo @devongonzalez907

For pick up we will contact you and post via social media when we will be there ready. Everything we send out the door will be sanitized.

**We are not shipping anywhere, deliveries are being made by Willow, Certain days, at certain times** Contact us for more information if this is something you would like to take advantage of. We have teamed up to deliver you MINDFUL FOOD & DRINK :)

We are doing what we can to stay in business and keep money coming in for the time being. We also would like to help keep our community healthy by providing our yummy kombucha for you all.

Hang in there everyone, WASH YOUR HANDS, stay out of the public if you can to keep from getting sick and spreading this virus.

The quicker this passes the quicker we can get back to our normal lives.

Shop local, support local EVERYTIME you can especially during this time. So many of our local businesses are offering delivery of food. Alaska cab is also a great resource to have them pick up your kombucha and have them deliver. They charge from the time they pick up to drop off. I think thats a small price to pay to stay healthy and support our friends at Alaska Cab.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and support us during this crazy time! Stay strong.


Devon Gonzalez

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